Admission & Fee



It is highly recommended for the civil engineer applicants to have basic knowledge of Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis (Structural Statics) or Building Services Systems.

However, no restrictions exist for students studying architecture.

Applicants are asked to have computer/laptops and to install the programs following the instructions:

Download ALLPlan trial using link

The students need to download the student version and can ask one year licence using a copy of their Student grades book or a Student certificate.


For SCIA instalation follow the link.

Students can request one year licence for student version, also.



Course Fee


Certification fee .....


Application process

To apply for BIM-iss2020, please use online registration form (click here). Registrations are open until 30th of June 2020.

After submitting your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from our coordinators regarding your registration.


Important dates BIM-iss 2020:

Registration deadline:                                  30th of June
Final courses list:                                         1st of July
        School start         6th of July
        School end          17th of July